For those of you who didn't get to hear the most amazing proposal of the century, I will fill you in.

it began with a simple day of skiing with a great group of people. Until my beloved showed up on top of the chair lift to tell me he was taking me away for a private ski lesson.

So it began.....this private lesson that turned into a scavenger hunt. I was told the rules and once I found all the clues, I would receive my surprise at the end. So of course, I get all excited like a 5 year old. I want to finish this hunt as quickly as possible so I can get my big surprise.

The first thing I found in this plastic bag was a ticket stub from the ROM which was where we had our first date.. As well as the next clue which I would find on my favorite hill. So I skied over to Partridge to get my next clue and memorandum. In the bag i found a ticket to Balapoloza where I first told him I loved him and the next clue which I would find on his favorite hill . I skied to Birches to find my last bag which had a ticket from our first trip to Hilton Head together. And my last clue would be waiting for me at the little hill where we took our first run together. So I skied over to Little john where i saw jamie waiting for me at the half way point.

I gave him a big hug and said "Okay, so where is this big surprise now?" His reply, "I am your big surprise".

I reply "That is so sweet, but seriously where is this big surprise." And then, he dropped down to one knee and ask me if i would spend the rest of my life with him. And after about 3 minutes of my crying I was able to finally answer YES!!!!!!! He pulled out a bottle of champagne and popped the cork to celebrate. My last surprise waited for me on the South Lodge deck where most of our friends and family awaited our arrival and my answer haha!

And so we carry out on this journey today and hope you will all join us to celebrate our wedding!